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RedWillow Brewery

Sours 6 Pack & Glass

Sours 6 Pack & Glass

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3 Cans each of: 

Raspberry & Tayberry 6% Fruit SourA vibrant kettle sour with luscious raspberries and tangy tayberries. This tantalizing brew strikes a perfect balance between tart and sweet, delivering a refreshing burst of berry goodness with each sip. (contains gluten from malted barley)

Rhubarb & Custard 6% Sour - Prepare your tatse buds for a tantalising adventure with our Rhubarb and Custard Sour. Tart rhubarb dances harmoniously with creamy vanilla custard notes, creating a deliciously puckering and dessert-like experience. (contains gluten from malted barley and lactose) 

And a RedWillow craft beer glass.


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